Saturday, 3 September 2011

Once more, with feeling.. [Ramble incoming]

I've believed for a long time now, that what you eat is how you feel, in that your diet can really impact your moods and general wellbeing.

May sound a little bit obvious to some, but to me, it never rang true, until I changed the way I ate in Year 12, after a nasty bit of foodpoisoning. I went from having two hotdogs with cheese (and way too much mustard) and around a litre of vanilla Coke a day, to baked muffins, fruit and -actual- meals.
And amazingly, I noticed a change in my moods. I changed a lot that year, for other reasons as well, but the health kick certainly made a difference.

When I did try to have some processed rubbish again out of sheer laziness, in the form of a nasty school hot dog, I felt wretched afterwards, and was in a completely foul and bleak mood for the rest of the day.
So after that, I cut down and focused, mostly, on whole foods. Well and good.

But even though I eat fairly well now, when I'm lazy, I take shortcuts. Lately, I've been forgetting to eat whole meals, due to outside factors as well. Which has been making me feel, frankly, crap.

Which makes me have no energy and become lazy. Which makes me take shortcuts and not eat properly.

Which makes me feel crap.

Yeah, the pattern is obvious. For a few hours today, I just wanted to go home and mope. Not go anywhere tomorrow. Nope. Just sleep. And maybe cry a little. Pathetic.

After having a seemingly insignificant lunch of a sundried tomato, cheese and chive wholemeal muffin, I near-instantly felt better. Even later after a proper bangers and mash dinner (mmm, chilli sauce), followed by a nice glass of red wine, I look at my mood earlier today and begin to think that my moodswings have been absolutely stupid.

The more stupid thing? I know this all along. Yet we all let ourselves fall into bad habits, only to dig ourselves out, wag our fingers, then slowly slip back.

Maybe I just need to smack myself with a newspaper and get over it. Maybe I need to not be so emotionally linked to food?  Maybe I just need to get into a new health kick and boot myself up the arse.. Or maybe a bit of everything.

Right now? I'm finishing a glass of wine, and somewhat enjoying the fact that eating well makes me happy. Not matter how silly it may seem.


  1. I'm certainly emotionally connected to *having* food, regularly - just ask Andrew how (not) nice I am when I need to eat - but I'm not sure it makes a difference *what* food. But then, my diet has never been brilliant or awful...

  2. I've always been super grumpy when I get hungry :/ The link is kinda creepy. Here I am thinking I have a legitimate bad mood, totally justified, when it turns out I'm being a total tool and am damned hungry!
    And... "wag our wingers"..? Never heard that one before, Sounds dirty XD