Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My favourite fast food.

There are some days where I want to potter about the kitchen for hours, just relaxing and getting into everything, cooking and baking and all that delicious nonsense.

.. Aaaaand then there's day I cook because people are over, and we need to be fed. This usually happens after our grocery shopping, which takes places in the afternoon.
When we get home around 5, 6 o'clock, I know that I want food, as soon as possible, as easily as possible. And this is when I love having good convenience products at my disposal.

I know I've spoken about Henry Langdon's products before, mainly their delicious cocoa, but their salt rubs make dinner as simple as:
  1. Get meat, chicken or fish
  2. Apply spice or salt rub
  3. Shallow fry until cooked, serve with salad or steamed veggies.

Seriously. This is my current rushdown cooking, and my favourite combination so far has been the coriander, kaffir lime and chilli salt rub on fresh flake fillets, fried, with a tangy green salad with mixed beans and balsamic dressing.
The coriander doesn't overwhelm anything, like it does in the fresh form, and the lime and chilli are perfect in the warming weather, a real slap to the palate.

This post isn't sponsered by Henry Langdon, but I wouldn't say no if it was. Their products are fantastic and full of exotic flavours.

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